Thursday, March 22, 2012

94 - I am a Refugee (A Poem of My life)

I am a Refugee (A Poem of My life)

By Muhammad Saifullah

I Am a Refugee

I come out from a Lovely place
Where everyday happen clash,
And my brothers have been tortured
one on another unlike nature,

I come from a place without sin
Where they hate my shade of skin,
They don't like the way we pray
And they do us mutely slay,

I come from a place where justice is fool
There we cannot go to school,
And there we are told what to believe
We must follow what they release,

I come from a great old forest
I know it was a field of honest,
And the people I once knew
Cannot express their view,

We can all be refugee
Nobody is safe if you see,
All it takes is a bad leader
Always show anger like heater,

I come out from a place of fear
Where the valley floods each year,
Each day the political hurricane tells us
That we must keep moving on at last,

I come from an ancient place it is clear
I and all my family were born there,
And I would like to go there
But I really want to live without fear,

I am told I have no country now
Please tell me where will I go,
I am asked where are you from
I need time to reply for long,

I am diving in the weather of trouble
Suffering a lot on the way of struggle,
No assistance simply just appeared
So, we have to live in fear,

All the difficulties we face
Being from Rohingya race,
The word “Rohingya” mixed with my blood
I love Arakan from the bottom of my heart,

Nobody wants us in Asia
It is so difficult to be in Malaysia,
No place to stay nowhere to go
Advice me what should I do,

Here we cannot sleep at night
In the jungle we, to be hide,
Our children are deprived of education
We are always in fear of deportation,

Our last destination is grave
We have to work with brave,
I swear my poem is not lie
Before I say you all goodbye,

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